Warner Brothers Announces Live-Action “SilverHawks” Movie

SilverHawks: The Movie

Producers hope the cast, packed with star power, will make up for the obscurity of the SilverHawks franchise.

Los Angeles—Warner Brothers announced yesterday that they’re bringing yet another 80s cartoon to the big screen with a live-action adaptation of “SilverHawks,” which revolved around a team of human police officers in the 29thcentury who have metal bodies and hawk wings and fight to stop organized crime in the Galaxy of Limbo.

Jon Favreau has been signed to both write and direct the film, which the studio is hoping will be the first of a trilogy.

“We know the original run only lasted one season,” said a spokesman for Warner Brothers, “but that just tells us there are many, many more stories to tell. We’re delighted that Mr. Favreau is at the helm of this project with this great cast we’ve put together.”

Also signed on to the project are Jon Hamm, who will play Quicksilver, the field leader of the SilverHawks; Jack Black as Colonel Bluegrass, the comedy relief and pilot of the SilverHawks’ spaceship, the Miraj; Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal as twins Steelheart and Steelwill; and Taylor Lautner as The Copper Kid. (Mercifully, a non-speaking role.) Terry O’Quinn will play the group’s leader, Commander Stargazer, a tough, no-nonsense older cop with bionic capabilities.

Denzel Washington has been cast as the main villain of the film, the alien mob boss Mon*Star.

In a brave move by Apple, the company confirmed they will co-finance the film and showcase what technology they expect will be available in the 29th century, once Apple has destroyed or swallowed up all other existing technology companies. The deal also includes final script approval by Apple. “A sticking point now,” said the studio spokesman, “is whether the film will change its title to ‘AppleHawks.’ There’s a groundswell of support out of Cupertino saying that’s a pretty cool name. I personally am on the fence. Not sure yet what Jon Favreau thinks.”

4 thoughts on “Warner Brothers Announces Live-Action “SilverHawks” Movie

  1. They should have cast someone younger for the copper kid. It makes more sense since in the original he was between ten and twelve sized anyway.

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