Katie Holmes To Star In TV Movie Adaptation Of “Call Me Maybe”

Call Me Maybe: The Movie

If film makers can pull off elaborating the 3 minute song “Call Me Maybe” into a 75+ minute feature film Hollywood might have found a new well to tap: Popular Music. Experts predict these measures can stave off another Spider Man reboot for, at least, a couple of years.

New York—Katie Holmes isn’t letting her recent not-really-all-that-surprising news that she’s divorcing Tom Cruise slow down her career. A spokesman for The Lifetime Movie Network confirmed yesterday that the soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Cruise will star in an upcoming adaptation of the song “Call Me Maybe.”

“We’re very, very thrilled that Katie has signed on to star in this telefilm, and couldn’t be more happy that she’s moving on with her life and career,” a spokesman for LMN said yesterday. “I’ve read the script, and it’s literally, literally the best thing I’ve ever read. I’ll just die, literally, if this doesn’t earn Katie a Golden Globe. It literally has bigtime award written all over it.”

The plot, conceived last Friday night over appletinis at a SoHo Ruby Tuesday’s, reportedly is about the universal story of two college-age lovers who keep trying to hook up, but the girl keeps losing her phone. The boy is always calling her, but he invariably either gets a voicemail or some guy who found the girl’s phone.

Verizon and Motorola are co-financing the movie, and Denzel Washington has signed on to play the wise cell-phone salesman who keeps selling a new phone to Katie’s character every couple of days.

The male lead has not been cast, but the spokesman said that Frankie Muniz is on their shortlist, “but I think he’s touring in some indie band. We might have to focus on one of the Masterson brothers. I think Danny’s show is still on, I’m not sure.”

The Lifetime spokesman said they could easily see this movie being as popular as “Bridget Jones’ Diary,” but without “the pretentious accents and crazy British slang.”

Filming on the movie is expected to begin at the end of July with an expected first airing slated for Labor Day.

Holmes’ representative had no comment about how much of a rold her accepting this role played in her filing for divorce, saying only, “she’s not asking Tom to call her, period.”

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