Ann Curry Hoping To Transition To News Outlet With Less Stringent Truth And Accuracy Standards, Like CNN

Ann Curry

Sources indicate that Ann Curry will spice up the CNN lineup by filling an obvious gap in the lineup: entertainment news. Titled CNNtertainment the new show hopes to bring TMZ style reporting to CNN.

New York—Recently ousted “Today Show” co-host Ann Curry is wasting no time trying to land her next news anchor gig, and she’s setting her sights squarely on a cable network that has much lower standards of getting the news right than NBC: CNN.

Curry said she enjoyed working at NBC, but understood it was time to move on to “smaller and lesser things” and find somewhere that she would be less stressed out about getting a story right or asking important questions of interview subjects.

“What really attracts me to CNN is their laidback policy of accountability and accuracy. It’s no big deal if you get a story wrong, they don’t really care if a headline make sense, or if a story is actually ‘news’ or not,” Curry said to actual journalists yesterday. “I really think I can fit in there and hit the ground jogging at a leisurely pace.”

A spokesman for CNN said they were unaware that Curry was no longer a co-host on “The Today Show,” but said they’d go online to an actual news site and look into it and see if “maybe Curry could do some fill-in work overnight or maybe argue with Nancy Grace about stuff. We’re actually pretty wide open right now.”

Curry said she would have loved to have gotten into a heated debate with Tom Cruise over prescription medications like her former co-host, Matt Lauer, famously did, but she understood that she just didn’t have the chops. “I just don’t have the same journalistic instincts as Matt does, or even Kathy Lee (Gifford) or Hoda (Kotb),” Curry conceded. “I tried to be all serious and totally professional like Murphy Brown always was, but it’s harder than it looks. That’s why I really think I’ll do really, really well on CNN. Or maybe something with the same level of journalistic excellence, like ‘Entertainment Tonight.’”

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