Police Hoping Children’s Drawing Is Missing Link To Unsolved Homicides

Five Guys Killer

Police are hoping this drawing found on the bulletin board at a local Five Guys hamburger restaurant is the key to a handful of unsolved homicides. It is a long shot, but it would mean a lot less paperwork.

Little Rock, AR—An anonymous source inside the Little Rock Police Department has confirmed to TDQ that police are hoping that a drawing displayed on the children’s drawings bulletin board at a local hamburger restaurant may lead investigators to the perpetrator of five as-yet unsolved homicides of local men.

Dubbed inside the department as “The Five Guys Killer,” police have grilled several suspects about the string of unsolved murders that was finally conclusively linked last February. Sources would not state what finally tied the murders together.

“We’re looking into the possibility of maybe one of the victims not liking hamburgers, maybe they were a vegetarian or vegan, possibly, and that was the motive for their being killed,” the source said. “I know I’ve always found vegans pretty pretentious, I can see why somebody may want to kill them.”

Little Rock Police have found themselves in quite a pickle trying to catch up to the killer. It’s an investigation that started out small but has mushroomed over the last several months.

The drawing, which was discovered when one of the officer’s took his son to the restaurant for burgers, a pony ride and face painting on Kids Nite last Tuesday evening, is the first, most important lead law enforcement has found in the case.

“The detective was glad he found the drawing and all, but the downside is, now his kid wants to go to Kids Nite every dang week,” said the source. “That’s all well and good for the kid, he has fun and gets to run around and play, but the caricaturist they hired was awful.”

The source also said the investigators are hoping to get leads or ideas from watching the BBC’s “Sherlock” television program on PBS, as well as old episodes of “Cagney and Lacey,” after their initial offer of a $750 reward and weekend use of a 1991 Buick Skylark for information about the killings turned up nothing useful.

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