Palin to Couric: New Show “Sarah” Will “Knock That Little Munchkin Back Off The Air”

Katie and Sarah

We have sourced these promotional images that are believed to lend credence to a Sarah Palin talk show. It appears there are still some details to work out.

Hollywood— Three days after long-time Today show host Katie Couric announced her new syndicated daytime talk show “Katie,” Sarah Palin has countered by announcing a “much better” show aptly named “Sarah.”

“I won’t rest until that little freak is off the air and laying in a grave next to her husband,” a surprisingly worked-up Palin commented.  “No one embarrasses the Palin family.”

Back in 2008, Couric made the mistake of asking Palin what magazines and newspapers she reads.  This seemingly innocent question has led to a 5-year-and-counting mission by Sarah Palin to counter and humiliate Couric at every turn.

Earlier this year, Couric attempted to return to daytime TV, hosting her one-time rival show Good Morning America.

“I heard she was gonna be back on TV, and I was like, I don’t think so.”

Palin arranged a stint on the rival Today show during the same week.  She pulled out the big guns inviting both Ryan Seacrest AND Tori Spelling, and ended up winning the ratings for the week.

Now that Couric has had a chance to recover from that embarrassment, regroup, and plan  a new show for the fall — someone must have tipped off Palin, and she’s again stormin’ mad.

“Down. That little b**** is goin’ down again,” said Palin.

Couric was a host of the Today show for 15 years, and some say she never fully recovered after her husband passed away of cancer in 1998.

She attempted to move into more of a political role in 2006 joining the CBS Evening News.

That’s where she made the mistake of a lifetime, challenging Palin to name one magazine or newspaper she read in a 2008 interview.

“You know, a lot of us do read up here in Alaska,” Palin has countered.  “Sportsmen’s Weekly, Snowmachines Today, Mail Order Bride Trader… these are all very successful publications in Alaska.”

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