“Why Are You Still Here After I Hit Those Balls At You?” A TDQ Q&A With Professional Golfers The “Golf Boys”

We will not rest until we get the fourth "Golf Boy" to autograph this photo. That is our promise to you, TDQ readers.

Despite the PGA Tour not seeing fit to issue The Daily Quarterly staff a press pass to The PLAYERS Championship this week in Ponte Vedra, Florida, we still found a way to interview the members of the PGA Tour’s “Golf Boys,” made up of Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan and Bubba Watson. They talk to us about if I can get an autograph, where I can get an autograph and when I can get an autograph. Whether you’re a fan of golf or not, we hope you enjoy this special TDQ Q&A With “The Golf Boys:”

The Daily Quarterly: Hey, Ben, can I get an autograph?

Ben Crane: I can’t right now, I have to tee off (for a practice round), but I’ll sign between holes on the course.

TDQ: Cool. Thanks.

Crane: Why are you still standing there (off to the side of the fairway) after I hit those balls at you?

TDQ: You promised me an autograph between holes. I was going to wait until you finished up on one (green), but I figured since you hit the balls over here I’d ask you again in the fairway.

Crane: Oh, this is great, that’s you! I don’t remember you being there!

TDQ: You don’t remember me showing up during the shoot?

Crane: No, that’s awesome!

TDQ: Thanks, I appreciate it, have a great week.

Crane: Thanks.

Ben Crane

"I'm speaking to you as we speak, from the now, in the middle of the now" - Philosopher Ben Crane

TDQ: Hey, Hunter, can I get an autograph?

Hunter Mahan: Sure.

TDQ: Thanks, have a good week.

Mahan: Thanks.

TDQ: Hey, Rickie, can I get an autograph?

Rickie Fowler: Actually, I’m signing after nine (hole) today, guys.

TDQ: (After signing autographs for several hundred fans for about 45 minutes) Have a great week, Rickie.

Fowler: Thanks.

TDQ: Hey, Bubba Watson, you took this week’s tournament off after winning the Masters Tournament last month to spend time with your newly adopted baby, Caleb. How’s fatherhood treating you?


TDQ: Have things calmed down some since your whirlwind media tour after winning at Augusta?


TDQ: Have you found any other website on the net that is anywhere near as good as The Daily Quarterly?


TDQ: Your silence speaks volumes. Thanks for your time.

All four of the “Golf Boys” are on Twitter. Follow them @bencranegolf, @RickieFowlerPGA, @HunterMahan and @bubbawatson.

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