Mike Myers To Star In Long-Anticipated “Austin Powers”-“Wayne’s World”-“So I Married An Axe Murderer” Mash-Up Sequel

Mike Myers

A rare shot of several of the ensemble cast members of the to-be-named Mike Myers movie now shooting in San Francisco.

Los Angeles—Mike Myers held a press conference yesterday to confirm rumors that have been circulating around Hollywood for years. He revealed that yes, he is indeed preparing to begin filming a sequel to “So I Married an Axe Murder.” But there’s more. The film will also be a sequel to “Wayne’s World 2.” But we’re not done yet. It will also be an Austin Powers movie. Yeah, baby!

Myers said he just completed the script last month, and he “literally, couldn’t possibly be happier with it. It’s going to be my magnum opus. Every film I’ve ever been in, every acting class I ever took, every character I ever created, was leading me to this film. I can’t wait!”

Myers was mum about the exact plot of the movie, but didn’t deny internet rumors that it involved Wayne, a grown-up sell-out coming to San Francisco to help Garth, who has been framed and is on trial for the murder of a government agent. Charlie McKenzie is now a famous novelist and wants to do a book about Garth’s trial. Austin Powers agrees with Wayne and thinks Garth’s innocent, so he, Wayne and Charlie find themselves on the trail of the real killer, but they have to find the truth before the jury returns with a verdict.

“It’ll be like Sherlock-Holmes-meets-Wayne-meets-Charlie-meets-Austin with a little ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ thrown in,” Myers said.

Myers confirmed Anthony LaPaglia, Rob Lowe and Seth Green have all signed on to the project to reprise their respective roles in the film. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, Dana Carvey is unavailable to play Garth. Denzel Washington has been signed to take over that role. Myers is still waiting on one of his love interests, however.

“We’ve written the script hoping that Nancy (Travis) will return to play her role from ‘Axe Murderer,’” Myers said. “We’re pretty much just waiting for her new TV show to get cancelled, then we’ll start filming. So, you know, any day now.”

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