Rumer Willis And Cara Mia Wayans To Star In “Last Boy Scout” Remake, “The Last Girl Scout”

The Last Girl Scout

The Girls Scouts of the USA organization has requested that we emphasize they have nothing to do with this film.

Los Angeles—In what turned out to be an actual, serious news conference yesterday, producers announced that later this summer Sony Pictures will begin production on a remake/retelling/reboot of the Bruce Willis/Damon Wayans stinker “The Last Boy Scout” starring the daughters of the original film’s stars, Rumer Willis and Cara Mia Wayans.

In the 2012 incarnation, Willis will play ex-tennis player Serena Volkov, who was banned from professional tennis for life for gambling. Wayans will play R.J. Thomas, the ex-Secret Service agent-turned private detective who has to run from the police because they believe she killed her philandering husband, played by Dule Hill from TV’s “Psych.”

Tennis star James Blake has been cast as Willis’ boyfriend, who gets killed after Wayans is hired to protect him. Denzel Washington has signed on to play the corrupt senator investigating illegal gambling in the seedy, filthy underworld of professional tennis. Both Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans will get executive producer credit on the film. In exchange, they agreed not to sing on the film’s soundtrack.

A source close to the producers said on the condition of anonymity, “Everybody’s very, very thrilled with where the script ended up. It took quite a few conference calls and lunch meetings to pare it down to 175 pages. But once the storyline changed from Rumer and Cara Mia being co-owners of a detective agency, and then dropped the subplot of Rumer rescuing Cara Mia from an office building that gets taken over by terrorists on Christmas Eve, everything really came together.”

The chemistry between Willis and Wayans is rumored to be “off the charts incredible. Seriously. Way better than (their fathers) when they shared the screen together 20 years ago,” said the source. “It’s almost comical.”

In 2011, Willis had signed on to star in a remake of another of her father’s films, “Hudson Hawk.” However, plans to make that movie fell apart shortly before filming began once everybody involved realized they were remaking “Hudson Hawk.”

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