Tony Romo “Super Excited” To Host His 6th Annual Super Bowl Party At His House

Tony Romo

Tony Romo puts his game face on for another Super Bowl at home.

Dallas—Come this Super Bowl Sunday, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will be at the same place he’s been for the last five Super Bowls after taking over for Drew Bledsoe under center: at home hosting a Super Bowl party, and that’s just fine with him.

“There really, truly is no place I’d rather be,” Romo said. “I honestly can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing on Super Bowl Sunday than hosting a few hundred of my closest friends, firing up the barbecue and watching great football. I look forward to it every year.”
This is the sixth straight year, all with Romo as the starting quarterback for Dallas, that he’ll be hosting his party, and each year gets bigger and bigger.

“It’s really nice to have so much time to plan the party this year,” Romo said. “Some other years, I didn’t have as much time for one reason or another, so this year really ought to be a great one.”

Romo said he still laughs every time he thinks about one of his parties a few years ago. “One of my buddies hands me this plate of deli meat. It wasn’t that big, but boy, as soon as that thing touched my hands, it just dropped! Just fell right to the floor, it was hilarious! I don’t know what happened, I just bobbled it! Crazy!”

And what does his boss, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, think of these parties? “I don’t know what Mr. Jones does on Super Bowl Sunday,” Romo said. “Most years we lose touch for a few months either at the beginning, or sometimes the middle of January. Not sure what he’s doing this year.”

Romo did admit that last year, though, it was a bit tougher hosting his party knowing that the Super Bowl was being played in his home stadium in Dallas. “It was more difficult last year with the game being here in town, sure. Traffic was awful,” he said. “Really a nightmare.”

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