LA Area Devlopers Pointing To Low Bowl Game Attendance As Reason To Move Bowls To LA

Bowl Half Full

Despite declining college football bowl game attendance LA area developers see the bowl as half full.

Los Angeles—Developers and proponents of the idea of moving an NFL team to Los Angeles due to poor ticket sales in the team’s existing market are now insisting that the glut of recent college football bowl games with poor attendance would thrive in Southern California, and are tweaking the tune they’ve been singing for years.

“We’re here to help. We saw how poor attendance was at many of these college bowl games,” said Los Angeles developer Sid Murray. “Like 20,000 seats sold in stadiums that hold more than 70,000? Atrocious. And we thought, why pigeon hole ourselves with just one (NFL) team playing eight regular season home games, two preseason games and maybe a playoff game, when we can move all these bowl games here, and have games practically every weekend? It just makes the most sense.”

Citing recent bowl games like the Music City Bowl, which drew 14,000 fewer fans this year in Nashville, and the Hawaii Bowl, held in Hawaii, which sold 19,411 tickets, down nearly 22,000 tickets from last year, Murray said Los Angeles is really the best city to support bowl games, and many other football games, year round.

“The poor attendance at these games just goes to show that cities like Honolulu clearly can’t support these bowl games. And we can,” Murray said. “I know there are some naysayers and pessimists who say there’s too many college bowl games as it is right now, but those people are too shortsighted. And quite frankly, they disgust me and should be shot. Move these troubled bowl games here. There’s no doubt in my mind that all these bowl games would be much better off being played here in LA. The bowls will sell out, the team will have a great time out here, sponsors will be thrilled. It’s a win-win. Well, except for the city that loses the game. So, it’s a win-win-lose, I guess.”

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