Google To Begin Making Users Of Google Earth Buy Passports To View Other Countries

Google Passport

Google Passport, for use with Google Earth, will be available in traditional RFID equipped paper passport, and as an app for Android phones featuring near-field communication.

San Francisco, CA—If you were planning on checking out another country this year using Google Earth, it might just affect your wallet like never before. The company announced yesterday they will start to charge users for Google Passports for those wishing to leave their home countries to peruse other locales using the popular pictorial Earth software.
“On no other real-world travel excursion can you visit another country without the necessity and expense of a passport,” said Google spokesman Wayne Dorsey, “why should this be any different? If you plan on crossing a border, you need to pay for a passport. It is what it is. Suck it up.”
Google Earth has been available for free download for years, software experts point out. It was only a matter of time before the company found a way to make a dime off its popularity.
“Some people would say the company has plenty of capital, why would they feel the need to charge for this service,” said tech reviewer and economist Lloyd Benson. “To those people I would say, ‘How do you think they got so much capital?’ By charging for stuff, idiots.”
The charges for the passports will take effect February 1st, and like real passports, it is expected to take a minimum of six weeks for applications to be processed. It is unknown if applicants will need to go to the Post Office to get photos for their passports, or if Facebook profile pics or photos taken with their webcam will be sufficient.
“We’re trying to make your experience using Google Earth as realistic as real travel is,” said Dorsey. To that end, by the end of the year the company expects to roll out longer lines and delays when you attempt to get to other countries, lousy food to accompany your trip, and screaming baby and loud neighboring passenger sound effects to really drive you nuts as you “virtually fly” to other destinations.

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