Just To Settle The Debate Of Whether Or Not It’s Jumped The Shark, “The Office” Is Adding Ted McGinley To The Cast

Ted McGinley - The Office

Look for Ted "The Closer" McGinley on this season of The Office.

Los Angeles—In an effort to settle the debate once and for all over whether NBC’s once mega-hit British-inspired sitcom, “The Office,” has indeed jumped the shark, producers confirmed yesterday that they are adding Ted McGinley, known as the “Patron Saint of Jumping the Shark,” to the cast, putting the nail in the show’s coffin. And, BONUS! To check off another one of the “You know your favorite TV show’s jumped the shark when…” storylines for typical confirmation the show has jumped, McGinley will be playing Andy Bernard’s long-lost brother!

“We’re very, very excited about Ted joining the cast,” said producer and star B.J. Novak, who plays former-temp-former-salesman-former-boss-former-temp-again Ryan Howard on the show. “We really think he’ll bring something special to the table, like he did in all the other shows he was on at the tail end of their successful television runs.”

If you’re keeping score at home, “The Office” has, in recent years, been guilty of most of the bigger plot devices that are generally pointed to as when shows jump the shark. To wit: Two major characters (Jim and Pam) get married. Two major characters (again, Jim and Pam) have a child together. The star of the show (Steve Carell) leaves the show.

It’s already had more than its share of “special guest stars,” another JTS staple. All that’s missing is to air a very special “Blossom-don’t do drugs” episode, and to move the setting of the show to Los Angeles. “We haven’t ruled that out,” said Novak, laughing ironically.

This is the first season since Carell’s departure, and the show replaced him with James Spader, but made Ed Holmes’ Andy Bernard the new office manager. Plenty of fans tuned in to see how the show tried to settle itself this year, but plenty more fans have left the show, rather than seeing something they once loved wither and die.

Good luck, Ted!

1 thought on “Just To Settle The Debate Of Whether Or Not It’s Jumped The Shark, “The Office” Is Adding Ted McGinley To The Cast

  1. I agree, I used to watch reruns of the show, I’ve seen all the older episodes on numerous occasions.. and they were great. Since Andy became the boss the episodes are clearly not as good, barely worth watching once really. Last night I was even fast forwarding through the show, that’s how bad it was (feb. 16th 2012 episode, where the gang was in Florida for a big meeting and Andy was the receptionnist). Not sure what happened to this show, I almost wish they would have stopped after Carell left actually… too bad.

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