Follow The Yellow Brick Road: Karl Slover, One Of The Few Remaining Munchkins, Dies

Karl Slover, Brian DiMaio

Karl Slover on the set of RECOiL with actor, writer, director Brian DiMaio. RECOiL was originally written as a drug war between two rival gangs of little people: The Cocaine Guild, and the Heroin League.

Dublin, GA—Karl Slover, one of the last surviving actors who played a Munchkin in the 1939 classic film, “The Wizard of Oz,” has died. He was 93.

Standing at 4-foot-5, Slover died of cardiopulmonary arrest November 15th.

Born Karl Kosiczky in Prakovce, Slovakia, then called Kingdom of Hungary, Slover was best known for playing the lead trumpeter in the Munchkins’ band, but had four roles in all in the film, including playing a townsman and soldier.

After finishing work on “The Wizard of Oz,” he appeared in the “Original World Famous Singers Midget Show” all across the country.

Other films Slover appeared in include “The Terror of Tiny Town,” “Block-Heads,” “RECOiL,” “Bringing Up Baby” and “They Gave Him a Gun.”

He was a lifelong bachelor.

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