New Whitney Houston Biography Says Singer Wished She’d Married Dexter Stuffins From “Silver Spoons” When She Had The Chance

Bodyguard: Why I Believe The Children Are The FutureLos Angeles—An upcoming biography by writer Martin Hazel says singer and actress(?) Whitney Houston has maintained for years that she missed the boat in not marrying Dexter Stuffins from “Silver Spoons” when they dated in the mid 1980s.

“She loves her daughter, make no mistake,” Hazel said, referring to the only child Houston had during her 14 year marriage to singer Bobby Brown. “But looking back, she said she obviously should have tried to work things out with Stuffins, who at the time was business manager for Edward Stratton III, owner of Eddie Toys, rather than let the relationship end.”

Houston’s marriage to Brown was fodder for the tabloids for years because of allegations of drug use, erratic behavior and infidelity. And Brown wasn’t treated much better by the tabloids, himself. Their divorce was finalized in 2007. Houston said she felt being married to Stuffins would have been “light years more stable” than her marriage to Brown, said Hazel.

Houston was a rising pop star when she met and fell for Stuffins during an episode of “Silver Spoons” that aired in September 1985. Unfortunately, the relationship ended after about 22 minutes when Stuffins realized he wasn’t cut out for the lifestyle Houston was living, flying all over the world for concerts and recording albums, since he had to take care of his nephew, Alfonso.

“Whitney said she was a bit bitter towards Alfonso, who went on to live in Bel-Air with The Fresh Prince some years later,” Hazel said. Hazel said Houston is hopeful that putting this out there and admitting it publicly will help her come to terms with her feelings and find closure in the relationship.

Hazel’s biography of Houston, entitled “Bodyguard: Why I Believe The Children Are The Future,” is scheduled to hit bookstores by Christmas and the discount bin by Valentine’s Day.

Stuffins could not be reached for comment. Eddie Toys was bought by rival toymaker Yamahoy Toys in 1996.

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