Lady Gaga Signed To Pitch Pa-Pa-Pa-Pizza Rolls, Pa-Pa-Pizza Rolls

Pa-pa-pa-pizza roll.

As part of the Totino's promotion Lady Gaga arrived at the Sirius-XM Satellite Music Awards inside a Guiness World Record breaking pizza roll.

Golden Valley, MN—General Mills confirmed yesterday that the company had signed Grammy Award-winning recording artist Lady Gaga to a long-term endorsement contract to pitch Totino’s Pizza Rolls snacks. The food production giant said it plans to air the first commercials featuring Gaga in North America during football games on Thanksgiving Day.

“We forsee that ‘Pa-pa-pa-pizza rolls, pa-pa-pizza rolls’ will soon be on the lips of every individual who enjoys the delicious taste of Totino’s Pizza Rolls,” said General Mills spokesman Alex Middleman. “We’re very excited about this business partnership, and look forward to a long relationship with a very versatile entertainer who is tremendously fond of Betty Crocker brownies and cakes as well as Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.”

Lady Gaga showed up at the press conference wearing a green leaf outfit like the General Mills character, the Jolly Green Giant. She said how much she’s always loved each and every General Mills product, and even though she was starting out just hawking pizza rolls, she had every intention of doing commercials and print ads for a variety of General Mills products, “which are awesomely amazing, every single one of them. The products are born this way.”

Gaga also said she was looking forward to sticking “Poppin’ Fresh,” the Pillsbrury Doughboy, “right smack in the middle of his fat, white stomach.”

This is the first major endorsement deal Gaga has signed since her pending deal with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association fell through due to her choice of wardrobe at 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, and since she was unable to come to terms with World Poker Tour on a long-term deal.

Middleman said the company’s advertising department is feverishly working around the clock trying to come up with lyrics and a commercial premise for their “Don’t call my name, don’t call my name, Fruit Roll-Ups” angle.

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