TDQ Investigates: The Curious Case Of Kim Kardashian’s Marriage

Kim and Kris

These two kids, who seemed they had so much in common, have just bought two tickets to Splitsville (but they will be traveling in separate rows).

This was the column we hoped we’d never have to write.

We never wanted to be here, in this moment asking “Why?” But ever since we heard the news and completely stopped what we were doing in sheer, utter disbelief and shock, we’ve had to ask ourselves “Why?” Is there something, anything we could have done to prevent the marriage of Kim Kardashian and her husband from falling apart a mere 72 blissful days after they said “I do?”

How could this have happened? What did we do wrong? How could we have tried harder to make this work? But in the end, all we can come up with is something that really leaves us with little comfort: sometimes these things happen.

It sounds trite, and maybe it is. But we can move on. We have to. Despite everything in our world seeming utterly and hopelessly inconsequential compared to this news, we know we can and we must pick ourselves up and carry on with our lives.

Will we ever feel happy again? Hell, is it even possible? Can we ever really, honestly trust a celebrity marriage with the star power and chemistry of Kim’s and what’s his name again? We like to think so. But really, who knows?

We just have to take it one day at a time. Logically, we know that after a while, we’ll cry less and less. After a while, it won’t hurt to wake up and when we get out of bed, this won’t be the first thing we think about.

We’ve been hurt before, we knew the risks going in. But something about this one just…seems different. Maybe it hurts more because we wanted it so much. Maybe it really is our fault, not Kim’s and not…that guy’s.

One day, we know, we’ll feel like we’re ready to open up our hearts again and feel the same way about a celebrity couple. We know it deep down.

We just can’t really imagine that day right now.

You are now informed. Go and do likewise.

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