Tony Romo Working To Show That All The Critics Who Are Right About Him Are Wrong

Tony Romo

Tony Romo can still find a reason to get excited. In this case, two of his favorite candy bars.

Dallas—A source close to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo said the hapless team leader hears all the constant, accurate criticism about him. And simply because all the critics are right, that doesn’t mean Romo should lose the starting position in Dallas, (even though it really does).

“He’s always had to work harder than everybody else,” said the source, who asked that TDQ not reveal her unique position on the training staff of the Dallas Cowboys, for fear she, as the only woman on the staff, would lose her job. “So he’s used to trying to prove critics wrong who are actually dead on about what they say about him.”

The source said that Romo is certain that the blame for his 1-3 record in the playoff doesn’t fall on his shoulders. Plenty of quarterbacks drop the snap with 1:19 left to play as their teams go for the game-winning 19-yard field goal. Plus, that loss in Seattle saw fumbles by receivers and a conservative game plan on offense coupled with a bad defense.

Then the loss to the Giants in the playoffs was because of a shaky defense (again) and bad special teams play. “Romo is just the team leader,” the source said. “He can’t play both sides of the ball and special teams. He’s just one man. He says.”

Romo had agreed to an interview with The Daily Quarterly, but had to cancel after he mistakenly scheduled three interviews for the same time, then ran late after losing track of time during a lunch meeting with his wife. The source was apologetic about his poor time management, and said Romo would have called us himself to explain his tardiness, but when his wife tossed him his cell phone, he dropped it on the restaurant floor, then tried to pick it up and run with it.

But despite his history and his inconsistent play this year, Romo still is the right man under center in Dallas, the source said Romo thinks. And despite all the articles all over the country calling for his replacement citing poor performance, poor clock management, inexplicable passes into coverage, his apparent stunning lack of focus, his love of golf and his fumbles, Romo’s still out to show he’s the man.

“Remember,” the source said again, “in his mind, he’s just one man.”

One overrated, helpless man.

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