J.J. Abrams Confirms He’s Going To Direct Remake Of “When Harry Met Sally”

When Harry Met Sally

Leaked promotional materials from the previously unannounced J.J. Abrams remake of When Harry Met Sally.

Los Angeles—“Lost” co-creator and director of “Star Trek: The Bloated Reboot” J.J. Abrams confirmed yesterday that he will be directing yet another Hollywood remake, this time of the Billy Crystal-Meg Ryan-before-her-lips-exploded romantic classic comedy, “When Harry Met Sally.”

The original, released in 1989, catapulted Meg Ryan into the national consciousness like “Joe Vs. The Volcano” could only have dreamed, and made her into a bankable A-list actress while showing America that Billy Crystal could do more than just a good impression of Sammy Davis, Jr.

The film also starred Carrie “Don’t call me Princess Leia” Fischer and the late Bruno Kirby as Sally’s and Harry’s best friends, respectively.

No word yet on who will play the main characters in this remake, though the names most frequently mentioned are Seth Rogen as Harry and Blake Lively, whoever the hell that is, as Sally.

The buddy parts have already been cast, with Michelle Williams signed on to play Sally’s best friend, and Denzel Washington attached to play the Bruno Kirby part.

A rep for Abrams said he’s looking at “bringing the old romancy-type things that worked in the old movie so long ago into today’s cinema, with great cell phones, some e-mail jokes and an island that moves through time. He’s very, very excited.”

No word yet whether the movie will be filmed in 3-D, though Hollywood lore has it that the original’s director, Rob Reiner, tried to film the first one in 3-D, but the studio wouldn’t front the money because they were not convinced of Billy Crystal’s acting chops.

Reiner and Crystal have not commented on the new production, and Meg Ryan may have uttered something, but no one was sure because her spare-tire-sized lips made it impossible to decipher the noises trying to escape her mouth.

Harry Connick Jr. is rumored to be lobbying hard to score the music for this film, as he did with great success and fanfare in 1989. “Easiest job he’d ever have,” said a source close to the film’s production.

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