If You Loved “Cowboys & Aliens,” Get Ready For Bond And Han Against The Empire

Bond, Solo, Who

Bond, Solo, Who: The ultimate mashup.

Los Angeles—Well, we shouldn’t be surprised. With all the buzz surrounding the movie “Cowboys and Aliens,” it was just a matter of time before somebody in Hollywood came up with a way to capitalize on the chemistry and box-office mojo of Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. To wit: James Bond meets Han Solo.

We’ll take a minute to let you come back to Earth after reading that. Better? Good. A source close to “Lost” co-showrunner Damon Lindelof has said that he’s working on an idea to pitch to both Eon Productions, who owns the James Bond film rights; and George Lucas himself, who owns everything else in Hollywood. Well, that’s not completely accurate, but he does own Star Wars.

The source said, on the condition of anonymity, that a script is already in the works that would find Daniel Craig’s James Bond wielding a lightsaber and joining forces with Han Solo. The plot hasn’t been completely fleshed out yet, but, really, does it matter? “Just imagine what Bond could do with the Jedi mind trick,” the source said, nearly in tears. “He’d be unstoppable. And an ejector seat in the Millennium Falcon? Yes, please!”

The source said a lot of things still have to fall into place and a bunch of people have to come together to get the ball rolling on this project. But everyone associated with “Cowboys and Aliens” has said that Ford and Craig got along wonderfully on the set, and both men had more fun working under director John Favreau than they’ve had in years.

“From the people I’ve spoken to, this sort of collaboration is just the sort of next project these guys would love to take on,” the source said, beaming. “Despite all the talk around Hollywood that Harrison was ready to put Han out to pasture, and despite the money and economics and licensing problems that have surrounded the Bond franchise.”

And just how exactly does Agent 007 find himself a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away?

“You ready for this?” the source asked, about to hyperventilate from pure joy. “Two words: Doctor Who! The thinking now is that a Darvik has stolen secret British information proving that they, the Darviks, actually exist and then they make plans for destroying the  leadership of Britain (or maybe the Queen), so Dr. Who is chasing them and he runs into Bond at #10 Downing Street.”

It can’t miss.

Fred DiMaio contributed to this article

3 thoughts on “If You Loved “Cowboys & Aliens,” Get Ready For Bond And Han Against The Empire

  1. Obviously some real heavy thinking came to pass in this scenario.. Could bypass anything Lucas has done yet . Looking forward to taking the grandkids to this one. I just hope its out before they are all in college.

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