Parents Busted Buying Fake IDs For Their Children In Hopes Of Tricking Chili’s Into Serving Children Liquor

Fake IDs

The confiscated fake IDs.

Savannah,GA—The recent incidents involving restaurant food chains serving young children alcohol has apparently led a mother and father to attempt to procure fake IDs for their two children in an attempt to trick a Chili’s bartender into serving the children alcohol.

Donna Pelham, 24, and Jeremy Patterson, 32, were arrested early Saturday morning by undercover officers as they attempted to purchase false driver’s licenses for their son, Dylan, 10; and their 8 year-old daughter, Brenda.

“From what we’ve been able to put together,” said Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Dell Spenser, “the parents had planned to use the fake IDs to trick the restaurant bartender into serving their two kids alcohol. Then the parents planned to sue the restaurant afterwards for, as they put it, a ‘s—load of money.’”

Spenser said it didn’t appear the parents thought too far ahead in their scheme.

“Normally, we’re busting high school kids or college freshmen who want to get some fake IDs,” Spenser said. “I can’t recall an instance where we’ve arrested parents who’re buying IDs for their kids, let alone for something like this.”

Spenser said in his experience, when people try to fake an injury or negligence on the part of someone else, it’s usually because the parties are desperate for money, but that isn’t the case in this instance.

“Hell, the father, he was just promoted to assistant meat department manager at the Piggly-Wiggly,” Spenser said. “And the mother has a real good job at the hair salon on East Liberty Street just a few blocks from Mercer House (the famous residence where the killing of Danny Hansford took place, as depicted in the book and later film, ‘Midnight in theGardenofGoodand Evil’).”

Spenser said he was at a loss for the true motive, but expected he’d find out when he was done interrogating the parents.

The children were sitting in the backseat of Patterson’s 1999 Buick Century when both Pelham and Patterson were arrested. They are currently in the custody of Pelham’s sister, Bobbyanne, who was recently released from an Augusta work farm after serving an 18-month sentence for making and selling moonshine.

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