Now That Heat Have Lost The NBA Finals, Chris Bosh Can Concentrate 100% On Lawsuit Over Facebook Page Comparing Him To “Monsters, Inc.” Character

Chris Bosh

The Facebook fan page in question. The resemblance is uncanny.

Miami—Miami Heat “player” Chris Bosh might not have earned himself a championship ring, trophy, respect or anything else earlier this month, but he can take solace in knowing that losing the NBA Finals in six games gives him the opportunity to commit full-time to his pending lawsuit against the creator of a Facebook fan page comparing Bosh to “Randall” from the Disney-Pixar film, “Monsters, Inc.”

Lawyers for Bosh issued a statement regarding the lawsuit saying, “While Mr. Bosh certainly would have enjoyed winning his basketball matches and celebrating in Miami with his colleagues and hoisting the NBA Cup, he does find a measure of comfort in being able to concentrate completely in putting a stop to this childish, scandalous page on the social networking site known as ‘Facebook.’”

The statement went on to mention both Disney and Pixar as well, saying it’s possible they will join in on the lawsuit, but no contact has yet been established with the fine, creative genius at either studio.

St. Augustine resident Jan Hanak created the Facebook Page, whose title is “I’m Pretty Sure Chris Bosh is ‘Randall’ From ‘Monsters, Inc.’” To date, the page has 22 “LIKES.”

Hanak said he hasn’t seen a cease and desist order yet, and hasn’t had any contact whatsoever with Bosh’s attorneys. In response to the possibility of a pending lawsuit, Hanak said, “Why’d you let LeBron (James) have the ball? He ain’t got no fourth quarter! Take the ball and win the damn game!”

Steve Buscemi, who voiced “Randall” in the 2001 film, could not be reached for comment. It’s unclear if Buscemi is a Heat fan, or a Chris Bosh fan in particular. Though, after failing to win what was expected to be an easy NBA Championship, it’s unlikely Buscemi would want to be associated with any member of the Heat organization. I mean, dude’s won a Golden Globe. He surely doesn’t want his name mentioned alongside losers like the Heat, right?

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