LeBron James “Really, Really Surprised” The Dallas Mavericks Actually Want To Play The NBA Finals

LeBron James

It has been said this artist's impression of a proposed LeBron James statue is not to scale as it should be twice the size.

Miami—LeBron James said he doesn’t really understand the motivation behind the Dallas Mavericks insisting they actually play the best-of-seven NBA Finals, which are scheduled to start May 31st.

“I mean, they all saw my special last year (‘The Decision’ an hour-long LeBron love-fest that aired on ESPN last July that culminated with James stating he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers and taking his talents to South Beach to play for the Miami Heat),” James said. “They know I decided to come here to win a title. And to do that, we had to outplay Boston. Well, we beat Boston in round 2. Why is Dallas doing this?”

James went on to say that the only reason he agreed to play in the Playoffs at all was so his teammates could get a few more checks. He just assumed once the regular season ended, Commissioner David Stern would hold a ceremony and present James and the Heat with the trophy, and then they’d have a nice long summer. But his teammates told him they needed a bit more cash for their scheduled July vacations to the Bahamas and Europe. “So I said, ‘Why not?’” James said. “I’m a good teammate. See? All for one and everything?”

James said he’d seen the trophy before, but never held it since he hadn’t earned it before last July. He said the pinnacle of his career was that night when he told his good friend Jim Gray that he’d decided to come to Miami. It was that moment that he realized all he’d worked for had finally paid off.

Once he found a house in Miami, he had a special room added on for all the championship trophies that “oughtta be on their way now.”

When asked if he thought Mavericks owner Mark Cuban might finally get his championship, James said, “the Mavericks? That’s who he owns? Oh, well, then yeah. That makes sense now. I get it. Never mind. Sorry, y’all. My bad.”

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