Idiot Insists His Lollipop Looks Like “Snake Eyes” From “G.I. Joe,” And That A Guerilla Ad Campaign Has Begun For “G.I. Joe 2”

Snake Eyes Sucker?

Snake Eyes Sucker? There is more than meets the eye...Uh...rather...knowing is half the battle.

Cheyenne, WY— Byron Shepherd, a 22 year-old office worker has insisted to both the Twitter world and the World Wide Web that a sucker he was in the middle of consuming looks like “Snake Eyes,” a character from Hasbro toyline “G.I. Joe.” This naturally led him to the conclusion that he’s uncovered a guerilla advertising campaign for the much-anticipated, rumored, sequel to the 2009 action film, “G.I. Joe, Rise of Cobra.”

“It TOTALLY looks like him, dude!” read an e-mail that Shepherd sent to, well, pretty much anyone he could think of, last Friday afternoon.

Shepherd was consuming a grape-flavored, purple lollipop made by Colombina, S.A., a South American confectionary and food company in Columbia, when he made the discovery.

“Just finished luch (sic), and popped in a sucker, and after a minute or to (sic) SNAKE EYES!!!!” the e-mail continued. “This is so totally a gorilla (sic) marketing ad campaign  for ‘GI JOE 2’!!!” The e-mail included a few photos of the lollipop taken in poor office lighting on Shepherd’s phone.

Paramount Pictures, the studio behind the “G.I. Joe” film(s), has not commented on the matter. But no known connection exists between Paramount and Colombina, S.A.

Many of the photos taken by Shepherd were posted on his Twitter account, @BS1989, which, as of this writing, has garnered him an additional 87 followers.

Shepherd said he still has the unfinished lollipop in his refrigerator at home, for when the calls start pouring in from the mainstream media. He said he threatened his roommate, Blake, with bodily harm if the lollipop were disturbed in anyway.

“That stupid idiot better not mess with it,” Shepherd’s final (mercifully) e-mail read. “This is totaly (sic) a bigger deal than when he finished off my Tiramisu last month and I broke his (Nintendo) DS as paybacks.”

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