Winning! Turns Out Ashton Kutcher Is Merely The Victim Of The Most Elaborate “Punk’d” Prank Ever


This elaborate punking has been in the works so long the show that inspired it is no longer in production.

Hollywood—It turns out Ashton Kutcher isn’t really joining the cast of the CBS hit comedy “Two and a Half Men.” And it looks like Charlie Sheen isn’t really spiraling out of control and destroying his life and career. He was just at the forefront of the most elaborate, longest-executed Punk’d episode ever, with Kutcher as the victim (and to a lesser degree, the American public).

“Nearly half of Hollywood was in on it,” said a source closely involved in the prank and formerly on the production crew of Punk’d, Kutcher’s MTV show where celebrities and friends of Kutcher’s pull practical jokes on each other. Kutcher was the producer of the show its entire run on MTV from 2003 to 2007.

And now, after all the times he got other celebrities to think they’re being arrested or sued, or their vehicles are being destroyed or stolen right before their eyes, Kutcher himself got punk’d by, of all people, his wife, actress and cougar Demi Moore.

“Demi’s behind all this,” said the source. “She and Bruce (Willis, Moore’s ex-husband) started scheming nearly a year ago, and Demi called her old friend Charlie Sheen, who was all for it.”

The plan was put into motion as soon as Demi, Willis, Sheen and Jon Cryer, Sheen’s co-star on “Two and a Half Men,” sat down with show creator Chuck Lorre to work out the gameplan.

“Lorre was very excited, and he worked out the complete scenario, culminating in Ashton being hired to replace Sheen on the show just in time for CBS announcing its fall lineup,” the source said. “By the end, even most of the execs at CBS knew about it. That just makes it all that much sweeter, Demi thought.”

Everybody pretty much agreed that Charlie Sheen deserves some sort of acting award for his performance the last several months, which included being arrested after a drug-induced rage, rambling on an on in interviews and on his pod casts, and touring the country in his “Torpedo of Truth Tour.”

“Maybe they’ll make a special category for reality acting at the ‘Emmy’s’” the source said, hopefully.

And how is Kutcher taking the news? “He’s taking it pretty much in stride,” the source said. “He was a bit angry at Demi at first, but he’s a pretty good sport, all in all. Maybe the best part was that Dax Shephard actually played the CBS executive who offered Ashton the part and Ashton didn’t even recognize him!”

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