“A Really Big Shew:” A TDQ Q&A With Businessman And Former Talk Show Host Michael Essany, Part 1

Michael Essany

Michael Essany had his own talk show at the age of fourteen. How's your "to do" list going?

This week, TDQ interviews businessman and former talk show host Michael Essany. Michael had his own TV show, “The Michael Essany Show” at 14, and moved it to E! a few years later. Pretty much makes your teenage years sound pretty lame, doesn’t it? He spoke to us about his role in the Royal Wedding, the challenges of hosting a talk show and Police Academy movies. Here is Part 1 of our TDQ Q&A with Michael Essany:

The Daily Quarterly: How did you hear about thedailyquarterly.com?

Michael Essany: I was having a Zima with Prince William after his tux fitting and I asked what that was on his iPad.

TDQ: How excited were you that The Daily Quarterly asked you for an interview?

Essany: Let’s just say I can now die a fulfilled human being.

TDQ: Would you say it’s the BEST news site on the web, or is it THE MOST IMPORTANT news site on the web?

Essany: That’s like asking to compare Police Academy films. Each is a beautiful work of cinematic art.

TDQ: How old were you when “The Michael Essany Show,” filmed in your parents’ livingroom, first aired?

Essany: 14

TDQ: Tell us about transitioning from a small-town show to getting your show on E!

Essany: It’s really funny because I never really felt as though there was a transition. I was simply continuing to do the work I had always done – and loved to do – except now a much larger audience was tuning in. Fame never really interested me. I simply loved hosting that show.

TDQ: Who are your influences?

Essany: I am a fan of traditional, old-school comedians from a different era. From Johnny Carson to Garry Shandling, my favorite comedic performers aren’t necessarily those who occupy contemporary stages most frequently.

TDQ: As I recall, one of your main goals in doing the talk show was to get David Letterman on. Did you ever get to meet him or talk to him?

Essany: I never met Dave, but we’ve communicated. He was one of the first people in the business to reach out to me after I landed the show on E! to wish me well. Gave me great advice and truly showed what a class act he is.

TDQ: Are you on Twitter? If yes, why aren’t you following @dailyquarterly?

Essany: I am on Twitter, but I don’t follow @dailyquarterly because it proves too much of a distraction from work.

TDQ: Better source of news using social media? thedailyquarterly.com online or @dailyquarterly on Twitter?

Essany: See above Police Academy reference.

Part 2 of our TDQ Q&A with Michael Essany will run next Friday

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