TDQ Industries Announces Earth Day BBQ And Golf Course Groundbreaking

TDQ Earth Day Extravaganza

TDQ Earth Day Extravaganza

Orlando, FL—TDQ Industries has announced its first annual Earth Day BBQ and groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate construction of its new golf course near Orlando in wetlands between exits 104 and 108 of I-4 near Lake Monroe. There will be water skiing on Lake Monroe as well as golf contests and a bounce house right on the shore.

“We’re very excited about this event,” said Vince Morrison, spokesman for TDQ Industries. “We’re having the golfing contest sponsored by BP with prizes donated by Exxon-Mobil as well. But the grand prize-I’m so excited about this-the grand prize is a Hummer!”

The contest will test both accuracy and distance, Morrison said. Participants will hit their golf balls at Styrofoam targets set out on the lake, “and we’re talking name-brand, nice golf balls, here,” said Morrison. “I can’t say the name, but golfers will be very pleased, even though the balls will end up getting lost in the lake.”

Morrison also said he was very excited about the fireworks show over the lake once the sun goes down, which will follow “a very moving ceremony honoring golf course design and development in Central Florida where we’ll be releasing into the air 2011 helium-filled balloons that were spray-painted to look like golf balls. I wish I could get that kind of distance on my drives!”

TDQ Industries will have several roasted pigs as well as venison and pork during the BBQ.

Morrison said TDQ Industries chose Earth Day to have their inaugural BBQ and tie it in with their groundbreaking “because it just makes sense. When I think Earth Day, I think barbecue, I think fireworks, I think Hummers. I think golf on a beautiful golf course. I think balloons being released into the air. It’s almost magical.”

The tentative name for the golf course is “The Preserve.” Morrison said the name was chosen so “people will remember for years and years the majesty of this wonderful area of Central Florida. Once the golf course is finished, we want people to remember how beautiful this place is. Or, was. We’re very excited!”

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