TDQ Investigates: Reasoning Behind Dr. William Gray’s Predictions All There In Black And White (And Green?)

For The Money

Like most meteorologists, it seems hurricane predictor Dr. Gray is just in it for the money.

We’ve sifted through weather charts, hurricane printouts, Dungeons & Dragons dice and numerous versions of “The Game Of Life.” We’ve even spent some time playing “Trouble” with its Pop-o-matic bubble. But we keep coming reaching the same conclusion about the motivation behind Dr. William Gray and his hurricane “predictions,” and that motivation is: yep, you guessed it, money.

In the seemingly mundane, button-down world of academia and meteorology, it comes back to that great equalizer, cash. We would have thought that Dr. Gray would be above money, that he was in it for the science, the sheer joy of crunching the data and coming up with the golden number for the hurricane season.

But our source is right. It’s all a scam, designed to fatten the wallets of Dr. Gray and his small band of “forecasters.” But this isn’t like other scams. It’s more complex, more dangerous, and the players involved spread all over the globe. “You follow drugs, you get drug dealers. But you follow the hurricanes, you never know what you’ll find,” the source said.

Gray starts by making his predictions for the Atlantic Hurricane Season months in advance. He then “revises” his predictions as the season progresses. You read that correctly. Once the season starts, he “revises” his predictions. He changes what he thought would happen during the season once the season starts. That’s like picking your lottery ticket numbers halfway through the drawing!

It’s the bookmakers and the gambling companies that make the real money off of Gray. Our source said that last year alone, Ladbrokes in England made a killing the first part of 2010, then once the season started, when Gray “revised” his prediction, Ladbrokes made another killing, since they didn’t have to pay off the original bets. Vegas and Russia also clean up from these predictions.

But don’t think Gray isn’t seeing some of that action. He’s doing just fine, thank you, very much.

We wondered last week if Gray had ever even seen the ocean. Well you better believe he has. He bought a used yacht in 2007, just two years after the record-setting Hurricane Season of 2005, and paid cash for it. He spends most of November every year sailing the Caribbean. And November is still in Hurricane Season. 

But it doesn’t stop at a used yacht. Women, cars, jewelry, cigars, Lladro figurines, Beanie Babies; Gray’s luxurious tastes runs the gamut. And his collection of brown tweed jackets is commonly believed to be the largest in the world. His weather predictions, whether original or “revisions,” have paid off handsomely.

Well, Dr. Gray, we have a prediction of our own. We predict seven to nine more articles exposing your racket over the next six months. Of those, we predict two to be major articles. And they will all make landfall on your credibility, causing severe damage.

Hope your insurance is paid up, doctor.

You are now informed. Go and do likewise.

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