“Professional Witness” Not Being Slowed Down By The Economy

Frank Caruso, Professional Witness

Frank Caruso's business card is not subtle.

Portland, OR—Frank Caruso has a most interesting career for himself: he’s a professional witness. He makes a living being paid by insurance companies and attorneys to testify at trials about seeing car accidents and slip and fall claims that people in and around Portland have made. He said he testifies about these incidents he happened to see in about 75 cases a year.

“I spend about half the week in depositions for upcoming trials,” Caruso said. “And I spend the rest of the week in trials themselves for losses from months back.”

And how does he find time to witness all the car accidents, slip and falls, fingers in soft drink cans and dog bites? “Ummmm…Good time management? Yeah. Good time management,” he said.

Caruso said he’s always had a knack for happening upon someone just as they’re about to slip on a spill at a large grocery store chain, or get rear-ended at a busy intersection. He said he had a friend who worked at a law firm about eight years ago, and the friend asked him to testify about a dog bite he said he’d witnessed. When the firm paid him a fee after the trial, Caruso said he quit is newspaper delivery job and has been testifying ever since.

“I don’t remember much about that first case,” Caruso said. “Could’ve been a Cocker Spaniel or a pit bull. I think the lady recovered okay. Bit in the arm, maybe the face. Who the hell knows?”

Caruso said his friend doesn’t work for the law firm any longer, and he hasn’t seen her in a few years. “But I think she gets out next January if the parole board’s in a good mood,” he said.

Caruso said by now he’s well-known by the attorneys in the Portland area, and has good working relationships with about 80% of them.

“I guess I’m just in the right place at the right time,” Caruso said. “But I also witness when people don’t slip and fall or get hit from behind. Be sure and mention that, too. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea.”

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