James Franco Signs Exclusive ‘First Right Of Refusal’ Agreement With Every Studio, TV Production Company And Publisher In Los Angeles

James Franco

James Franco seen walking, chewing bubble gum, talking on the phone, recording an audio book, reading a script, listening to music, playing in a one man band, returning library books, finding a home for a lost kitten, exercising, and delivering coffee.

Los Angeles—James Franco just can’t get enough. After co-hosing the Academy Awards last month, he has now signed a contract with every movie studio, television production company and book and magazine publisher in Los Angeles that gives him the exclusive first right of refusal for every planned movie, TV show, book and magazine article. And he drew up the contract himself, to boot.

“Law school was somewhat tough,” Franco said. “But passing the bar exam was even harder. But that pales in comparison to getting my pilot’s license, which I should have by this Saturday.”

Besides getting a law degree, a pilot’s license, teaching a course at NYU about himself and being nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his performance as Aron Ralston in “127 Hours,” Franco received his undergraduate degree in June 2008 from UCLA and his MFA from Columbia in 2010. He is a Ph.D. student in English at Yale University, has a paper route when he is home in Los Angeles, just started his own lawncare service, does his own PR and make-up and is looking at opening a Dairy Queen this summer, “assuming the current ‘issues’ subside.”

Does he ever sleep?

“Yeah, I sleep,” Franco said, laughing. “I participate in a sleep study at NYU. And I’m conducting one at UCLA. Very exciting.”

Franco said he’s always been very driven, and gets very bored easily unless he has something to occupy his mind.

He also published a collection of short stories called Palo Alto in 2010 and is thinking about writing a series of children’s books. But he can’t decide where to aim his books, whether they should be for younger kids or teenagers, like Harry Potter. “Or I may just go, ‘what the hell, I’ll do two series of kids books!’”

Multi-tasking doesn’t begin to describe how he operates. While being interviewed by reporters, he was busy washing and grooming his neighbor’s labradoodle (“I owed him a favor,” he explained), Tweeting about his NCAA basketball tournament brackets, writing a rap for a friend, whom he won’t name (“He’s afraid his street cred will suffer if it’s known I write for him”) and making lunch (“You like fish tacos? I love fish tacos!”).

He said he hopes that by inking this deal with practically every producer and outlet in town, he can give the world exactly what it’s been missing and find the perfect project that he can look back on one day and show his children he accomplished something. But he’s still looking for that “something” that he can really excel at, that will quench his creative thirst.

“Hey, let me know if you need help writing or editing your article,” Franco said, just before he started up his lawn mower.

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