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Los Angeles, CA—Despite being an unmitigated disaster when it first aired on ABC 20 years ago, there are some clearly stoned or intoxicated people in Hollywood who think that it would be a good idea to revisit-are you ready for this?-“Cop Rock.”

The original series, a mix between a “musical” and police procedural (yeah, who would have thought that could fail?) created by Steven Bochco and William Finkelstein contaminated airwaves for 11 weeks in 1990 before ABC mercifully pulled the plug.

But, thanks to the success of FOX’s “Glee,” people think the American public is ready for another go at this…show.

“‘Glee’ is setting record record sales,” said an anonymous source close to the planned production, who, as you can tell, is clearly stoned. “It’s obvious to us that the musical is on its way back, and people are ready to get off the reality show bandwagon and join us for a show showing dancing detectives and lyrical lawyers.”

Miraculously, some of the original “Cop Rock” cast went on to get other jobs on very successful TV shows. James McDaniel, who played Officer Franklin Rose, would go on to play another cop, Det. Fancy on “NYPD Blue.” And Paul McCrane, who played Det. Bob McIntire went on to play Dr. Robert Romano on “ER.”

“If people are lining up to watch judges judge singers and dancers,” the source said, despite not being asked, “they ought to really enjoy watching judges sing and dance. That’s good…that’s definitely going in the press release.”

It appears, though, that not even “Glee” is as original as it may seem to today’s audience.
“Hull High” premiered on NBC a month before “Cop Rock.” Yeah, we didn’t remember that one either. Thanks, Wikipedia. That show was, according to Wikipedia, pulled off the air after just eight episodes.

No one is attached to star in the reboot of “Cop Rock” yet. But you just know there’s some poor, ambitious soul out there hoping that this, this of all things, will be their big break in Hollywood.

Stranger things have happened, I suppose…

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